BJP MLA oaths to build Ram Temple at Ayodhya by breaking law

Ram Temple

The case is going on in the Supreme Court in Ayodhya on the Ram Temple. But the statements of the leaders outside the court are continuing. They are talking about building a temple in every situation. For this, they are threatening to repeat this situation as in 1992.

There is a big statement coming after one by BJP leaders on the construction of Temple in Ayodhya. A BJP MLA said that if needed, we will take the constitution and build a temple.

The matter relating to the Ram temple is still pending in the Supreme Court. But there is continuous rhetoric about the temple outside the court. BJP MLA from Ballia Surendra Singh said in a threatening tone that if the situation worsens about the construction of the temple. Along with this if the constitution has to be taken in hand then it will not move back.

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He further said that we will take the Constitution into our own hands. He itself decides that temple will be built. In 1992 also we took the constitution and demolished the mosque. People will make the temple if the constitution delays.

Ram Temple to build Congress after Ayodhya verdict

Surendra Singh, MLA from Baria assembly, said that if there is no temple in the era of Modi (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) and Yogi Ji (Yogi Adityanath) then there will never be a temple.

Even before this, Giriraj Singh made rhetoric about Ram Mandir and Pakistan. He had said that the temple should be built in Ayodhya at the earliest. People’s patience has now started to answer. He had said that the issue of constructing a temple in Ayodhya is related to the aspiration and reverence of 100 million people. For years, people want Ram temple to be built in Ayodhya and the dam is now breaking the dam.

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