As Fuel Prices Rise High Tamil Nadu Groom Gets Five Liter Petrol

Fuel Prices

Tamil Nadu – In a wedding ceremony in Tamil Nadu, the groom has received odd-poor gifts. In fact, the groom was given five-liter petrol as a wedding gift by his friends. According to the news, when the guests were greeted during the wedding ceremony, the groom’s friends reached there with a five-liter petrol cabin. Groom gets 5 ltr petrol on his wedding ceremony gifted by his friend due to high fuel prices.

As we all know the fact that petrol and diesel rates are getting increased day by day due to fall in rupees compared to a dollar. This is the main reason behind petrol & diesel high rates. Also, PM Narendra Modi held a review meeting to discuss about fuel prices on Saturday.

The wedding couple accepted this gift amidst the halls around given by groom’s friend. A video of 39 seconds of this incident has been shown by the Tamil Nadu famous news channel. Let us tell you that these days in the state of Tamil Nadu the price of petrol is Rs 85.15 per liter.

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Five-liter petrol gifted to groom due to high Fuel Prices in Tamil Nadu

As we all know that the petrol prices in the Tamil Nadu have has become one of the highest in the country. Hence, his friends decided to give expensive petrol as a wedding gift. However, when a clip of this incident telecasted by the channel then it creates laughter all around the man received it.

On the other hand, the groom’s friends said that this gift has become a necessity in the form of so expensive petrol gifts. They said that to see petrol utility we have decided to gift it to the groom.

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