Anushka had come in front on Marrying with Virat’s Rumor

Virat Anushka Marriage Rumor

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma are currently the most popular celebrity couple. On Wednesday evening, the news of both the wedding spread and on social media, they started doing this topic trends. The news of the marriage of these two spread so much on Wednesday that afterwards Anushka Sharma herself came forward and told her the truth. On these rumours’ of marriage, Anushka Sharma’s Spokesperson has told it ‘false’ news.

What was the news?

The news of the marriage of Virat and Anushka came to a news channel on Wednesday evening. It also said that both are going to get married next week. For this, both have selected Venue outside India and both will marry in Milan city of Italy. Apart from this, it was also said that both of them will be married in Italy on December 11-12 or 13. However, the wedding reception will be held on December 21 in Mumbai and for this, invitations have been sent to friends. Along with this, it was also said in the news that Virat Kohli himself is going to Italy on December 7.

Why spread this rumor?

In fact, Team India captain Virat Kohli has refused to play against Sri Lanka due to the ODI series because he wants rest for a few days before the South Africa tour. Since then, the discussion of ‘Lovelyif’ of both of them had started again on social media. Since the news of Viraat being discharged, the media had started discussing that in December, Virat and Anushka can be tied in marriage bonds. Apart from this, it was also said that in December Anushka also did not want to shoot any more. This got more air from this point.