Ahmedabad Family Found Dead at Home Due to Black Magic

Black Magic

There is a new revelation in Kunal Trivedi’s death or a suicide case. Let us tell you that in Naroda, Ahmedabad the whole 3 family members committed suicide by telling the reason behind the black magic. Yesterday, another suicide note was found from Kunal’s home by the hand of his wife Kavita which points to black magic. According to this suicide note, it is claimed that Kunal’s beloved’s heart troubled him.

In that suicide note, Kavita has written in the note that “Kunal had a girlfriend whom he wanted to marry. However, Kunal had not married her on the family’s refusal. After that, that girl committed suicide and it was believed by the Kunal’s family that spirit of that girl troubled them. ”

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Not only this, Kavita has also written in his suicide note, “he had sold his bungalow in 1 Crore rupees.” After that whatever money was left, I and Kunal shared between us. I give my money to you. Whatever I have saved till today, it is for the daughter-in-law, but I am taking Shrine with me, and I want to share that part too.”

Kavita wrote further in his note: “Neither does he want to kill nor does he wants to live. This is the main cause that they are taking these steps after thinking enough. A person can never live along with such kind of big trouble. She does not want to let us live peacefully. I have made this decision only after thinking a lot because living without Kunal is very difficult. This world will not let mother-daughter live peacefully. ”

Suicide Note Revealed How Husband’s Girlfriend’s ‘soul’ bothers a Family – Black Magic

The picture which was hanged over Kunal Trivedi’s door also points to his superstition. However, police have recorded Kunal’s mother’s statement in which she told that the Kavita had mentioned Kunal’s girlfriend, Kunal repeatedly told him that she wanted to marry him. But he committed suicide. Now her soul is troubling her.

DCP Ahmedabad says that the suicide plan of Kunal and Kavita was some days back. On 8th September, three bags were sent to the driver of the house of Kavita’s sister. There were clothes, gold ornaments and cash bucks. The total value of which is 10 lakh rupees. This suicide note written by Kavita was also sent in the same bag. The bags sent by the driver were asked to keep them in their house for a few days. At the same time, Kunal’s mother says that Kunal was very aggressive. He always used to fight with Kavita by taking the name of his girlfriend.

On the same date, Kavita had said to his maid that you will go by locking outside of the house. However, those people committed suicide on 11th, they were inside the house. Police have also received sleeping pills from Kunal’s house. The police suspect that the pill was used to make the daughter unconscious and then hanging her on. At present, superstition is being considered the reason for this whole issue.

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