6 Mandsaur Farmers killed during firing in Mandsaur, Farmers are Angry

Mandsaur Farmers

Are Mandsaur farmers angry over Shivraj’s government? Mandsaur farmers in Madhya Pradesh are once again seen against the government. This time, after the onion and garlic bumper production, farmers are waiting for a sale for many days outside the mandis. On the other hand, the farmers are also going to the deficit due to fall in the prices of garlic and onion.

Mandsaur is famous for the cultivation of Pashupatinath temple and opium. But Mandsaur suddenly became headlines around the world. This is because at that time 6 farmers were killed by police bullets during the peasant movement.  After that, the date of June 6, 2017, the history of Mandsaur became a black spot in.

On that day, Mandsaur, a resident of the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh became a political laboratory for the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections. At its center, there was a 17-year-old youth named Abhishek Patidar. He was the first person to die in police firing during the Kisan agitation.

Mandsaur Farmers could jolt the BJP Govt.

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But even after one and a half year of the accident, Abhishek’s mother is still upset. She is upset because the demand for which the agitation took place is similar nowt. Abhishek’s mother, Alka Patidar tells the right price for debt waiver and crop was the main demand in the peasant movement. But so far nothing has got any assurance from the government except on both demands.

At present, there are 4 assembly seats in Mandsaur district, of which 3 belong to BJP. But, despite this, the farmers are angry with the government because of not getting the right price of the produce.

Farmers say that the Shivraj Yojana is not paying the right price for the crops nor is it punishing the accused of Mandsaur shootout. In such a situation, farmers will vote for them in the assembly elections.

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